No Plans, No Subscriptions, Pay Only For What You Use

Charges are calculated based on number of Rooms, Room Types and number of Channels you are willing to enable.
Website Booking engine and Front Desk Reservation channels will be default enabled at NO extra cost.

Reservation System
FROM $5.00 / MONTH
  • $ 0.50/ room
  • *Plus payment provider fees.
Channel Manager
Only pay for the channels you use
  • $ 1.50/ link
Link is a connection of one room type to one channel.
monthly fee

$ 5.50 / Month

Features included at NO extra cost

  • Admin Mobile App
  • Hotel Website Booking Engine
  • Front Desk Reservation
  • Payment Gateways - Stripe / Paypal
  • Promotions & Discount Coupons
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Email Notifications
  • Multiple Users and Access levels
  • Modifications, Cancellations and Quotations
  • Dashboard Reports & Tools
  • Customer support
  • Online Help